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IDC Entertainment

About Us

“There’s a way to do it better… Find it”
                                         - Thomas Edison

Our mission statement is to utilize the knowledge and abilities of the past Oscar nominated/winners, Emmy nominated/winners and executives that we work with, but in a fresh new light.  Gone are the days that only the major studios in the Hollywood system are required for a worldwide reach. 


Today’s new stars are no longer just from the Hollywood system.  The world of social media has opened the doors for an entirely new brand of star, the influencer.   Through our extensive contacts we have developed relationships with influencers that we will utilize to bring not only awareness to our productions, but to the local business and events happening in the area. Their already developed star power will also help build the brands of the current local influencers and help develop others.

By partnering with a branded OTT distribution network along with the traditional distributors our team has worked with that includes such companies as Lionsgate, Universal, Netflix, Amazon, and Paramount.  IDC Entertainment productions has truly become a complete hub for any production to garner worldwide recognition.

The future is now and through our VR productions, IDC Entertainment has stepped into a new and untapped reality.   Our mission… To bring audiences literally into the story with immersive live-action video experiences captured in high-def 8K+ 360° 3D virtual reality video.  Specializing in entertainment narratives and theatrical music videos, our projects enable viewers to step in and "live the story" - all from the comfort and a safety of wherever they may be.
Through our innovative and new ways of production, IDC Entertainment will bridge the past and future.

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