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MEDIUM: Feature Film


Genre: Comedy/Family

Runtime: 72 min

Rated: G

Streaming on Tubi and Amazon

Tagline: There's nothing like "Family" during the Holidays

Logline:  A young family struggles to cope during the Holidays on the one year anniversary of their Mother's tragic car accident.  That is until "Cousin Johnny" comes to town.

Summary: Struggling father Michael Ganz has his hands full with Christmas coming.   A rambunctious 10 year old boy, and a diva 7 year old daughter, plus the memories of a wife who tragically passed a year earlier to the date.

Meanwhile criminal on the run Johnny is betrayed by his partner and comes up with a plan.

Forced into a fish out of water situation both sides learn and grow together about family, friendship, life and love as this dysfunctional unit grows into a family. 

But all isn't quiet in this winter wonderland.  Bumbling goons Carmine and Tom are sent to find and bring back Johnny by Christmas Day.  And they have a plan of their own...


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