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We work with our clients from to bring their initial ideas from a pitch to a  medium for video production


We are firm believers to go into any production with a full development plan. 

During this phase we will layout the plan that will take your product from start to finish


Lights, Camera, Action! 


During this phase, our professional crew members will be onset, bringing our clients vision to life. 


Our state of the art equipment, and innovative artistic vision, melds together to create the backbone of the clients' vision


Think of this phase as assembling a puzzle. 

Prior, our team created all the pieces and it is now in our editing facilities, where we take those pieces and put them together to create the final product. 


Release your recently created vision to your audience and beyond.

See your video roll out to your client base, on social media, websites, email and more.

We have developed relationshps with various local and national cable networks for clients that desire maxium output

IDC Entertainment

Innovative thinking, for an evolving future.

“A fantastic work experience from start to finish”

— Sonny, Owner Ichiban

Screen Shot 2021-06-22 at 1.44.00 PM.png

“An amazing team, proud to have worked with them.”

— West Street Productions

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